Can I bring a portable charger/battery pack aboard a plane?

Yes, you can bring ZMI battery packs aboard a plane.

All ZMI battery packs, including the PowerPack 10000 and PowerPack 20000, have capacities below the limit of 100 watt-hours per FAA regulations on rechargeable lithium batteries.

However, please note: When traveling by plane, FAA regulations require you to store your portable charger/battery pack in your carry-on luggage, NOT checked-in luggage.

Additional technical information:

Product (Model) Watt-Hours (WH)
PowerPack 10000 (Model QB810) 38.5
PowerPack 20000 (Model QB820)  72

As you can see, both battery packs have watt-hours below the FAA limit of 100 watt-hours.


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  • I understood this charger would charge my Kindle Fire, If it does what directions do i follow?

    Marguerite Bear on

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