About Us

At ZMI, we aspire to improve people's lives with the aims of keeping their mobile devices fully charged, anytime, anywhere.


Mobile devices have become an essential part of our lives. Whether it’s checking today’s weather or following the GPS while driving, mobile devices and apps have made our lives a lot easier, and we inevitably grow more dependent on them. As a result, running out of battery not only causes frustrating and annoying circumstances, but could also disrupt our ability to function. To meet this challenge, wireless industry pioneer and veteran Verne Zhang founded Zimi Corporation with the backing of Chinese Internet entrepreneur and visionary Lei Jun.

Market Position

Zimi Corporation is the exclusive mobile power accessories supplier to Xiaomi, Inc. Zimi Corporation, one of the first Xiaomi-funded ecosystem companies, specializes in the design and manufacture of backup battery packs, power adapters, and charging cables for cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile/smart devices. ZMI is a brand owned by Zimi Corporation, while Mi is a brand owned by Xiaomi, Inc. Zimi Corporation has cumulatively sold over 80 million portable chargers/power banks worldwide under the Mi or ZMI brand since 2014, and that figure continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Our Values

First and foremost, we value truth and all corollary means in securing it. We are committed to making relentless efforts toward authenticity, genuine innovation, and excellence.

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ZMI (USA) Corporation was founded by Dr. Yunpeng Pan (Brian), a University of Wisconsin-Madison alum, in October 2016 with the blessing of Zimi's founder, CEO, and chairman—Verne Zhang and Zimi's board of directors.

At ZMI USA, we are tasked with marketing and promoting ZMI-branded products and coming up with great product design ideas. We aspire to improve people's lives with the aims of keeping people’s mobile devices fully charged, anytime, anywhere. To this end, we’ve developed products that embrace the latest mobile power technologies, so you'll never run out of juice.

Corporate Headquarters

ZMI USA Corporation, 120 San Lucar Ct, Sunnyvale, CA 94086-5213